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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cinematique is moving!

soon cinematique will merge into something much, much bigger. In the meantime, news will be a little slow here, since I'll be writing for Solace in Cinema until cinematique gets its new home (around a month I should think). I'll be teaming up with culturalelite over at solace for the time being, and no doubt you'll agree, solace is a fine site for movie news, and a pleasure it will be to write there.

So for now, I'll close the doors on Cinematique, but I'll leave it on the latch ;)

Hop over to Solace and check it out folks!


See you soon,

stay hungry


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Uwe, Uwe, Oh Uwe...

Uwe Boll's "Postal" is set to arrive in 2007. I can't describe what little hope I have for any kind of redemtion from the man who brought us such cinema atrocities as Blood Rayne, Alone in the Dark, and House of the Dead. They guy should never be allowed on a movie set again, despite the fact that he can beat up his critics in the ring. (Step up Uwe, anytime, anywhere...)

Anyway, I'm gonna get through this as quickly as I can.

There's a first clip up on the iofficial site, which features Osama Bin Laden. Have a look if you care to, but its really nothing more than a demonstration that Boll's latest will be as formless and horrifically insulting as any other "movie" he's produced/directed.

Anyone got a colt .45 I could borrow? For the greater good...

check it out HERE

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? no! Its the Superman Ultimate Edition DVD Box Set!!

14 discs....!!!! 14 DISCS!!!! I mean! What the hell guys?? 14!!!???

Ok, now I've gotten that out of the way... The new 14 disc Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD is bound to contain everything a Superman fan could ever want! But what would that be?? Well, to put it mildly, a lot! Lets take a look at what you get for your 100 bucks...

Lets take a look...

Disc 1: The Theatrical non extended version of the original Superman. Its perfect, and waaaay better than the extended version which was the only one available until now on DVD. It runs 143 minutes, and has commentaries from producers Pierre Spengler and Ilya Salkind. One problem though, this version of the movie does not contain the original 1978 audio track. It has a remastered track mixed from the 2000 remix. This is something that WB had overlooked and they are issuing replacement DVD's with the original 1978 audio. Kudos WB!

Disc 2: This is the extended Donner cut of Superman and includes a commentary from Donner. This disc is the same as the release in 2000. The disc also contains the soundtrack for fans of the King of the March, John Williams.

Disc 3: This is the first of two bonus discs for the first film, and features a trio of docs that, again, were first seen on the 2000 disc. The screen tests and restored scenes also are from the 2000 edition.

Disc 4: Here's where it starts to get smoochy! We got a vintage TV special of "The Making of Superman". This disc also includes the 1951 feature film “Superman and the Mole Men,” starring George Reeves, who was recently portrayed ont he screen by Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland
his was in an odd way a kind of pilot for the popular TV series. And finally on this uber cool disc of loveliness... nine Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons from the 1940s. omg... I need this so bad...

Disc 5: The "official" version of Superman II directed by Richard Lester. Everyone knows the story about Supe 1 and Supe II being shot at the same time and that Donner due to a dispute with Salkind walked out on the second movie. Lester came in to finish the film, which is indeed a lot from Donner's movie. Theres a Deleted scene here though thats new and the same spengler/Salkind commentary team as from the first disc.

Disc 6: The Donner Version of the movie. Oh yes! Donner also provides a commentary here, and there are a few deleted scenes also.

Disc 7: More treasures from the vault, including “The Making of Superman II” TV special, the rather goofy “Superman 50th Anniversary” TV special hosted by Dana Carvey (and featuring a very brief interview with Superman’s then-chronicler John Byrne), and the remaining 1940s Superman cartoons — this set made by Famous Studios. There also is a new featurette on the Fleischer toons that’s definitely worth a look.

Disc 8: this one has some dodgy things going on. Its the 2000 DVD release of Superman III, BUT... there's been another mistake at WB. It doesn't contain any commentaryies from Salkind and Spengler, no making of, no deleted scenes, basically nothing. This was a mistake (again) and you can complain and get the full DVD with all the trimmings, though I'm not sure how you complain about it, you'll have to do some digging yourself there.

Disc 9: Desperation may set in with “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” This was the end of the franchise for a while and it’s hard not to see why. The Salkinds were not involved in this film, which pales in comparison to the first two films. Commentary comes from co-writer Mark Rosenthal. There’s a handful of mildly interesting deleted scenes, including an interesting recap of Superman’s origin.

Disc 10: This disc is Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns,” which looks very good in this DVD transfer. The disc is just the film, as all the bonus features on this one are kicked over to …

Disc 11: The centerpiece of this disc is a nearly three-hour documentary (and at this point, you may be punchy enough to want to call it a three-hour tour) on the making of “Superman Returns.” There also is a short featurette on how Brando footage shot for the original film was adapted into the new film, as well as the usual deleted scenes and trailers. What’s disappointing about the two “Superman Returns” discs is the obvious omission of a commentary from Singer and the highly anticipated return to Krypton scene that reportedly cost $10 million to shoot and was cut from the film. Those items surely will turn up on a later edition, much to the annoyance of anyone who’s bought this one.

Disc 12: “Look, Up in the Sky!” If you want to know anything about Superman’s comic book history, this is the one place on this set you’ll see it dealt with in any way. There are interviews here with DC talent such as Denny O’Neil, Elliot S! Maggin, Mike Carlin, Paul Levitz, Dan Didio and Gail Simone. But this also is where comics fans (and anyone with an interest in an accurate and truthful record of the history of Superman) should have a big beef: Siegel and Shuster are barely mentioned as part of the story after the publication of Action Comics #1.

Disc 13: “You Will Believe: The Cinematic Story of Superman” once again recounts the history of the Christopher Reeve films. also 2 featurettes “The Mythology of Superman” and a tribute to Reeve. There's also a rare 1958 TV Pilot, "The Adventures of Superpup". What the...? There's also some cartoons on here too. Sounds a little strange, more of a gap filler disc than the rest perhaps.

Disc 14: The set is wrapped up with a disc of Bryan Singer’s Video Journals, which originally were posted online, including one about Singer’s 2005 visit to Comic-Con, for which he flew 20 hours from Sydney.

Basically, this is the Superman Bible. You get everything (save a few mis-released DVD's included in the pack. I can't imagine doing everything in one sitting, in fact, I should think you'd die if you tried, and if you didn't you'd probably just get really bored with Superman stuff... I'll be purcahsing my copy sooner rather than later!

Smoochy indeed!

Info courtesy of Tom McLean over at Variety

Se7en #1

Back at the beginning of this month, I ran a story about a possible prequel to David Fincher's Se7en. At the end of that piece, I mentioned that there were 7 graphic novels in the making with various creators bringing the crimes of John Doe to the page, brilliantly drawn by Tommy Castillo. CBR got a look into the first of the 7 graphs: Gluttony, and have a chat with Tommy himself which you can catch HERE.

Check out the images below, which I think you'll find rather good!
Click on them to make them bigger.

Whats the Skinny with Rush Hour 3

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, a dynamic duo of action and comedy. We;ve had Rush Hour, in which Lee (Chan) and Carter (Tucker) thwarted the bad guys who kidnapped Ambassador Han's daughter in America, Soo Young. In the second installment, we have Carter out of water whilst Lee feels at home in Hong Kong, the two working together again to foil a rich white man's plans to steal a "money Making Machine". Well, the two of them are back and filming the third installment of Rush Hour, imaginatively titled, Rush Hour 3.

This time, both our characters are on unfamiliar territory. While in Paris, Lee and Carter inadvertantly get mixed up with the Chinese Triad crew. all the ingredients we need for a great BDM (Big Dumb Movie). The movie is currently in production, and with Brett Ratner at the helm again, and no doubt Lalo Schiffrin at the piany, I'm sure we can very quickly skip over the following rumours and scoops that have been kicking around about the movie.

Jean-Claud Van Damme will not appear in the movie. He mentioned in an interview that he may be appearing, but it turns out that he was lying. When confronted about it, he laughed it off as a joke.
Controversially, Roman Polanski will appear int he movie. He has been cast as a French Policeman who harrasses Carter and Lee while they fight a gang of murderous triads. This is interesting as Polasnki the Thesp, hasn't featured in a Hollywood film since "Chinatown" in 1974.
Yoa Ming, the famous basketball player, had been targetted by Ratner to appear, however that one fell through. I can just imagine the homage to Bruce Lee's infamous fight scene with the Giant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Game of Death in '78 had Ming agreed to appear.
Vinnie Jones will appear in the movie too. *yawwwn*. However no character details have been released as of yet. Understandably, since pretty much all Jones can do is the same character with extrememly broken and "matter of fact" dialogue. He so bores me...

All that said, I'm really looking forward to seeing Tucker and Chan team up for another off the wall action adventure flick that I can switch my brain off to. Even if the movie is rubbish, which I doubt it will be... the cradits at the end with the outtakes are always a hilarious thing!

Rush Hour 3 is released in August 2007.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Invincible Iron Man

Not to be confused with the John Favreau Iron Man feature flick which we're all eagerly anticipating, but rather, this is the Invincible Iron Man. Latino Review noted that Marvel had posted a new trailer for the upcoming animated DVD, and it looks just smoochy. For those that aren't familiar with this, and think that Iron Man was invented for Robert Downey Jr, its Marvel where it all began. Marvel Studios and Lionsgate have two previous releass on DVD, and this, the third looks to be equally as smashing.

You can check out the trailer over HERE

Death of a comedians career

Now and again, movie stars get too big for their boots. Occasionally they do something they regret, and usually, it can be resolved by publicists and lawyers. But tonight, I bring you news of the irrevokable death of a comedian... Seinfelds Kramer (Michael Richards) made a big mistake. To an audience at a famous L.A. comedy club last Friday, Richards was clearly drunk, and quite obviously volotile when he made remarks that were unquestionably racist and which clearly offended the audience in a huge way. This is inexcusable behaviour regardless of who you are, and in no way should any excuse be made whatsoever after this tirade of abuse and completely unfunny comedy. I've never really been a fan of Seinfeld, but having learned that seinfeld, whilst promoting the 7th season DVD of the hit american comedy on the David Letterman show, insisted that Letterman jibe at Michael Richards. Richards, Despite the wisecracks from Letterman, appeared on the show to offer some defense to his actions. During his explanation, the audience began to chuckle. Jerry Seinfeld was quick to chastize the audience saying: "stop laughing, it ain't funny."

Well no shit Jezzah...

Bruce Lee is to be reborn as a CG actor?

Its amazing what they can do these days with computer graphics and animation... but just because I can eat marmite, doesn't mean I think its right...

They did it with Oliver Reid in Gladiator, and with much success, but to do it with Bruce Lee... I... I just can't quite stomach the idea.

Latino review ran a story about a film which will star Bruce Lee, but not as we know him. Completely CG... Oh dear lord...

Rob Cohen, who directed Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and The Fast and The Furious and xXx - State of the Union, will bring Lee back to life as a digital actor. *Gulp* He's quoted saying:

The big headline is that I am NOT using clips from the film; I am creating an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technlogy. Digital Domain who did "XXX" and "Stealth" with me are on it big time. We are in the vfx development stage.

This will be the first digital actor and I am very excited about the challenge.

Well, Speak for yourself Rob... and what about Jar Jar? Whether we should or not is questionable, but surely we all remember him?

He goes on to say:

We do have the rights to Bruce's films but the lines are all I am going to use. The Lee Family is also involved with me and Dreamworks.

I am doing this to further honor Bruce. It was one thing to make "Dragon" but this will be the Man himself, alive for those of us that didn't get enough and the new generations who should know what he was all about.

Dreamworks... *sigh*

I'm with Grady Hendrix on this one who summed it up quite nicely:

"The film is being made in conjunction with Dreamworks and with the participation of the Lee family, who apparently practice the martial art stance of "Ceaselessly Squeezing Cash from Father's Corpse" and it's called RAGE AND FURY."

Cut Chemist track Features in Nano Ad

Cut Chemist has been around for a long time. Always in the background though, and in the "shadow" mostly of DJ Shadow (pardon the pun). But this shouldn't be the case and really, he deserves a lot more credit that he's been endowed with. Recently, Cut Chemist released his first ever solo album. The Debut album entitled "The Audience is Listening" really is a remarkable piece that sets Cut Chemist apart from many other DJ artists that stole the stage up until its release.

Seeing the release of the album and its initial success seems to have caused quite a stir as Apple's new iPod Nano advert has the title track from the album featured in its cinema advert for the portable music player. Its a very nice ad I must say, and perfectly complimented with an excellent piece of music.

Something to note though is that the track WAS NOT written specifically for the iPod ad and was licensed for use.

Check out the video HERE

And then go buy the album HERE

The Hobbit - Final word?

Apparently, according to Brendon over at filmick, the Zaents stroy I ran recently was in fact a little older than I'd thought and actually came prior to Jackson's announcemnt to The OneRing.

"Yes, it is true about Zaentz. He gave his interview to a German magazine, and was quoted on its release. Print deadlines put the interview back some weeks - at least."

*sigh* Well, when AICN printed the news, it was the beat my heart skipped... but alas, it would appear that new line will make the film anyway, and without Jackson...

I'm off to find the Kleenex :(

You can check out Brendons piece on it HERE

Hitcher remake stills

Yet again with the remake news... This time its a step forward in somethign we already knew about and hopefully came to terms with in our own little special ways. Some new stills of Sean Bean filling Rutger Hauer's boots in The Hitcher remake. I'm a little surprised that Bean looks so good in the first one. There's a real element of the character's menace captured first by Hauer in the original

Click the images to make them bigger

You can also check out a trailer HERE

Source was Bloody Disgusting

Remaking the Poltergeist!!

Dear Lord! I really have been banging on about remakes alarmingly frequently of late! We've got one Here, one here, here and here... and too many more to mention all of them... But here i am again, with more remake news... Yep, the 1982 classic, Poltergeist is due for a revamp according to Bloody Disgusting.
Poltergeist was one of my favourite films of the 80's. It was creepy as hell. It really was the first film to disturb me and make me scared of things coming out of my telly (Even though Speilberg penned and produced the original, I didn't find it emotionally challenging, just bloody scary!). Later this fear was overridden by The Ring, but lets not go into that... please!

"In 1982 MGM released one of the scariest films of all time, Poltergeist, which was written and produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper. The film is of legend, being that it's not only extremely scary, but that it was rated PG (after an appeal from an R). Word has come down from various confirmed sources that the once titled "Poltergeist: Kayeri" is now being retooled as a remake of the original film. Poltergeist, which is about a family's home being haunted by a host of ghosts, is now looking to attach a director."

So who could helm a remake of one of the scariest films of all time? Hmm... Imagine what Hideo Nakata might do with this... *Shudder*

Rich Wilkes' Script For Crue Revered

I recently made it known that there was a movie in the making about the motley crew. I also mentioned a certain actor would be playing a certain rockstar, and having thought about it a lot more, I really think that its a perfect casting choice. Well, Latino Review have reported that Rich Wilkes has absolutely nailed the script for THE DIRT (CONFESSIONS OF THE WORLD’S MOST NOTORIOUS ROCK BAND) - a movie based on the famous Motley Crue. A masterpiece they call it, and make no mistake, I think we're going to get a movie that will go down in history as utterly legendary.
"You know you are in for a ride when the opening title card of the script tells you that…


With a voice over narration that sets it apart from the cheesy cliches of narrator use we;ve suffered in the past, and sets it akin to the likes of Goodfellas, we can be assured we're set to encounter a remarkable cinematic journey that will follow one of the worlds most notorious rock groups we've ever seen.

Check out the script review HERE

Monday, November 27, 2006


I'm really looking forward to this one. It looks like a seriously funny dark comedy. Synopsis from the Official Site -

Its an offbeat dark comedy, follows the journey of Les Franken played by Michael Rapaport (Hitch, Grilled) as a superhero for our chemically enhanced time.

Les Franken, a lonely parking enforcement officer who enjoys reading comic books, decides to take part in a clinical trial for a new and exciting antidepressant called 'Special'.

An unexpected side effect of the drug renders him with superpowers - or so he thinks. While his doctor dismisses the drug's side effects as an adverse psychological reaction to the medication, Les takes his cue from the comics he reads to embrace his newfound “powers” and quits his job to devote his life to fighting evil, real or imagined.

Les is an every day kind of superhero, the apparently gifted and yet disturbed human who wishes to save the world. Writers Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore based some of the characters on friends from their youth and use their experiences of drug use, which include the use of anti-depressant medication, in the months leading up to production.

I for one can't wait, and I'm sure having read the synopsis, you can't either, so here's a sneak peak of what to expect.


Wonderful stuff I'm sure you'll agree!

Comic Renault campaign!

Over at CBR, they had an interesting piece in the gutter on hollywood stars frequently doing advertising campaigns in foreign countries, or at least countries that casting agenst in the startes won't touch. It would seem that a similar thing may be happening with comic book artists.

CBR writes:
"You know how top Hollywood stars are happy to do advertising in other countries, as long as it isn't touched by the people who make casting and financial decisions back home?

Well, I understand a rather prominent Renault campaign running in the UK and France has been designed by a rather prominent US comic book artist."

They ask for guesses as to who it might be. My source, a very very reliable one, informs me that it is indeed Joe Quesada

Much Kudos to you Jed the comic book Jedi!

Moore's take on Porn

Alan Moore has written a 12,000 word essay for "Arthur Magazine" issue 25. It's entitled "Bog Venus Vs. Nazi Cock-Ring: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography by Alan Moore" CBR had the story -

Look for your copy at the beginning of December... 50,000 copies will be available FREE across North America in record stores, comics stores, coffeehouses and various other dens of iniquity. Some copies will make it into London and Manchester, but not many.

People who want to guarantee themselves a copy should reserve one via the website.

This is interesting, as Moore has definately made his feelings on pornography known in the past. Particularly in reference to his extremely controversial "Lost Girls", in which Alice in Wonderland,Wendy from Peter Pan, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, meet in a Swiss hotel shortly before the first World War. Wendy, Dorothy and Alice, three very different women—one jaded and old; one trapped in a frigid adulthood; the last a spunky but innocent young American good-time girl—provide each other with the liberation they need, while also providing very different (and, for this is a pornography, very sexual) versions of the stories we associate with them. We go with the girls, in memory, to the incidents that became the Rabbit Hole, Oz and Neverland. As a formal exercise in pure comics, Lost Girls is as good as anything Moore has written. (One of my favorite moments: a husband and wife trapped in a frozen, loveless, sexless relationship, conduct a stiff conversation, laced with unconscious puns and wordplay, moving into positions that cause their shadows to appear to copulate wildly, finding the physical passion that the people are denied.)

Pretty snazzy stuff huh? If you're interested in taking a gander at Moore's depiction of these iconic childrens fantasy figures (that just sounds wrong...) then you can buy them at amazon

Review: Hollywoodland

Hollywoodland, is the depiction of the mysterious events surrounding Actor George Reeve's death. Reeve's was the actor who played Superman in the TV series in the 50's.
The movie is a classy trip into these strange and still today unresolved events. It looks at three different possibilities as to how the actor dies. Two murders and one suicide.
About 10 minutes into this picture, I remembered that in all liklihood, this film wasn't going to have a resolution. And although I wasn't wrong, was I disappointed either. It crafts itself around some outstanding performances from Diane Lain, Adrian Brody and probably most noticable of all, Ben Affleck.

Affleck plays Reeve's and is thoroughly convincing. The troubled Superman actor begrudging initially the role that was to make him famous, and then chain him down in his career, which arguably led to his death. Its like a new Ben Affleck. So enthrawling is his portrayal of Reeve's you find yourself forgetting all the reasons you just can't stand Affleck (I speak from personal opinion here of course *cough*daredevil*cough*)

The film is set in the 50's in LA, and you honestly do feel like you've been taken back there, with dazzling parties and afluent party goers, beautiful sets and a cast that is completely capable, all make for an enchanting experience.

So, all praise aside, the movie did leave me wondering if I actually "liked" it. Now, its not the kind of movie thats instantly likable. That said, neither is it a subject that could be considered enjoyable subject matter. After all, it is a movie about a real life death of a much loved actor still to this day unresolved... But after mulling it over for a while, I finally settled that it passes the test.

I'd recommend this movie as a serious film, and one that you should not expect any real conclusion to. Its an exploration into the slow and steady decline of an actor trapped by a role he plays and finding solice in booze and addiction. Affleck is amazing, and Adrian Brody holds his own, with Diane Lane supporting with a sterling performance. One to watch out for on Oscar day no doubt.
4 stars

Go see!

Hot Fuzz Poster - Spot the difference!

Can you spot the difference??
Solice in Cinema pointed this one out, and I think you'll agree that the Hot Fuzz boys have a soft spot for Michael Bay. A lot of you might question this, but Im with them, can't wait for Transformers! And if its ok with Pegg, Frost and Wright, then its ok by me!

Hows that for a slice of fried gold...

DaVinci code sequel???

For the love of prickly pete, Hollywood! LEARN YOUR LESSON!!!

Its true though, a sequel for this abysmal movie is in the making. It will be penned by Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the novel from Dan Brown's novel, it will star Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, who'll help a woman discover the links between her fathers death and secret society conspiracies.. Yawn..

Its going to be more of a prequel I'm led to believe, as its to be based on Angels and Demons, the book which precedes The Da Vinci Code.

Just get your chair, adjust it accordingly, slap some emulsion on the dining room wall, grab some popcorn and maybe some ice cream, and stay at home and watch your handy work dry, as no doubt this will be a more fulfilling experience than watching yet another movie in which I'm supposed to feel sorry for Tom Hanks.

Transformers Skorponak image

This came down as quick as it went up over at AICN. I'm not so jazzed about it as the rest of internet geekdom seem to be, however, it's definately too early to tell since the bad composoting in this image is clearly incomplete given the amount of time the movie has been in post prod, which is not long at all...

anyway, here it is for your perusal. Click the image to make it bigger

Damon talks Oceans 13

Oceans 12 was crap. I think that's pretty unanymous amongst fans of the first movie. Even Matt Damon in an interview with Empire said as much. However, Damon assures us that the third in the the franchise won't be. "The only reason we want to do it is to make a movie that's better than the first two."
Ok, well, here's hoping Matt... Whilst there#'s little being given away about the plot anywhere, Damon says: "It's kinda like a revenge thing. Someone does something to one of us and we want revenge. And that someone is Al Pacino. We have to take him down". No doubt. The only person from the original cast not appearing in Oceans 13 will be Julia Roberts.
Whilst on this subject, Brendon over at Film Ick had an interesting scoop from what he describes as a reliable source -

"Take this sentence as a spoiler warning because I'm about the spill the beans. The unlucky thirteenth is none other than Terry Benedict, Andy Garcia's character. Nice reversal, eh? ...the gang are taking revenge in the name of Tess. Remember, not only is she Danny's wife, she was Terry's lover too."


Oceans 13 opens in June 07.

Spidey 3 Venom Footage released on Fox TV

I don't really need to say anything about this, you're all pretty much as up to speed as I am. In bried, there was a leaked trailer with lots of Venom in it. It was promptly taken down, now, its back up!

Nazi Comedy

Jewish director, Dani Levy is making a movie about Hitler. But, this isn't Hitler as we know him. Instead, the fuhrer will be portrayed as a "Bed-Wetting Drug addict who plays with toy battleships in the bath. Sounds liike it could be pretty amusing! We haven't really had a comedfy about Hitler since Charlie Chaplin days in "The Great Dictator"

Here's the plot.

It's late 1944. Hitler has lost faith in himself and a desperate Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels summons former Jewish acting coach Adolf Grünbaum from a concentration camp to get the dictator back in shape for a mass rally to reinvigorate the German people.

"Don't take the final solution personally," Goebbels tells an emaciated Grünbaum as the professor arrives in the Chancellery surrounded by Nazi officials who keep whipping out their arms in deafening "Heil Hitler!" salutes every few seconds.

Successive attempts by Grünbaum to kill Hitler fail, so he resigns himself to giving the troubled dictator acting lessons and eventually turns into a kind of psychiatrist, discovering that the dictator can't get over the fact that he could never please his strict father.

Lying on the couch of his grand office, Hitler recalls a disturbing childhood incident. "My father once gave me a catapult. He looked up and told me 'Kill that pigeon!' I fired and the pigeon landed at his feet, stone dead. 'That was a fluke,' he said, and walked off." Tears keep trickling down his face.

Another scene shows an embarrassed looking Hitler lying on top of Eva Braun who says "I can't feel you Mein Führer."

It all sounds pretty slapstick. However, I'm certain that Levy has a darker and stronger message. While he delivers a comedy to us with one hand, he asks of us only that we realise the horrifying truth behind his film, though he asks us not without humour.

The filming in Berlin already caused a stir. In March, Levy decked out Berlin's central Lustgarten square in giant swastika banners and hired hundreds of extras to wave swastika and cheer "Heil Hitler" for his final scene. Passing tourists and Berliners alike were aghast.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Filthy little Hobbitses! Jackson to direct aferall!!??

ACIN just made my week by digging this one out of the ground... If this is true, and the reputable source suggests it may well be (IMDB), then I'll be able to die a happy man!
Jackson, allegedly, will direct The Hobbit. PLease let this one be true...

"From IMDB

As Lord of the Rings fans mounted a protest following word that New Line had dropped Peter Jackson from consideration as director of The Hobbit and another Lord of the Rings prequel, producer Saul Zaentz has given assurances that Jackson will indeed direct the two films. A German website, Elbenwald.de, posted an interview with Zaentz, who acquired the rights to the works of the late Rings writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, in 1976 (the Saul Zaentz Company owns Tolkien Enterprises), in which Zaentz says, "It will definitely be shot by Peter Jackson. ... Next year The Hobbit rights will fall back to my company. I suppose that Peter will wait because he knows that he will make the best deal with us. And he is fed up with the studios: to get his profit share on the Rings trilogy he had to sue New Line. With us, in contrast, he knows that he will be paid fairly and artistically supported without reservation." (The preceding quotation is a translation that appeared on TheHobbit-Movie.com from the German interview posted on Elbenwald.de.)"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Hitcher

Remake after remake... It is growing a little dull, or at least had been until I stumbled across this. In 1986, we loved to hate Rutger Hauer on screen as the psychopathic Hitcher. He was the epitome of pure evil, and pulled it off like noone else could! In fact, Hauer was always a pretty stable bet for psychopathic roles, Bladerunner being one of the finest, even though he was actually an android in that, it still counts!

So, they're remaking The Hitcher, a classic. But take a guess at who'll be filling Hauer's boots? I'll give you a clue... Its sean Bean. Oops, more of a give away there, my bad. Bean looks a little like Hauer, but is that as far as it will go? I do rate him as an actor, and therefore I'm pretty confident he'g gonna do the role justice.

Check out the trailer HERE

New Spiderman 3 posters online

A couple of new Spidey posters have been kicking around online. They're exactly the same save for one of them being graded in a much more Matrix style. Not the best posters in my opinion, but check them out below.

Click on the images to make them bigger!

Note from Altman's Sandcastle Productions

Robert Altman's Sandcastle Productions yesterday released an official statement following the legendary director's death in an LA hospital monday. He was 81 years old, and much loved amongst filmakers all over the world. Statements from some of the people he's worked with over the years, and become friends with are contained. Again, RIP.


NEW YORK (November 21, 2006) - Academy Award® winning film director Robert Altman died Monday, November 20 in Los Angeles from complications due to cancer. He was 81. He had lived and worked with the disease for the last 18 months, a period that included the making of his film A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, which was released this summer. His death was, nevertheless, a surprise: Altman was in pre-production on a film he had planned to start shooting in February.

Altman is survived by his wife, Kathryn Reed Altman and six children, Christine Westphal, Michael Altman, Stephen Altman, Connie Corriere, Robert Reed Altman and Matthew Altman, twelve grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Altman died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, surrounded by his wife and children. Memorial services are being planned.

* * *

Throughout his extraordinary career, Robert Altman surprised, entertained and challenged audiences with vibrant, freewheeling films that stretch the boundaries of the medium. He was the recipient of an Honorary Academy Award at the 78th Academy Awards presentation on March 5, 2006, in a ceremony recognizing “a career that has repeatedly reinvented the art form and inspired filmmakers and audiences alike."

Altman’s more than thirty features bear witness to an extraordinary creative range: films made with enormous casts (NASHVILLE, SHORT CUTS), as well as with a solitary cast member (SECRET HONOR); films celebrating male camaraderie (M*A*S*H*, CALIFORNIA SPLIT) and those exploring women’s consciousness (IMAGES, THREE WOMEN, COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN). He inverted, satirized and enriched genres like the western (McCABE AND MRS. MILLER), the gangster melodrama (THIEVES LIKE US), the detective film (THE LONG GOODBYE), the biography (VINCENT AND THEO) and the English drawing-room whodunit (GOSFORD PARK). His source material included comics (POPEYE), the ballet (THE COMPANY), the theatre (STREAMERS, FOOL FOR LOVE, Harold Pinter’s THE ROOM and THE DUMB WAITER), contemporary politics (“Tanner ’88” and “Tanner on Tanner”) and contemporary literature (SHORT CUTS).

Altman’s work with actors was legendary. His use of music broke ground in films as different as McCABE AND MRS. MILLER, NASHVILLE, and KANSAS CITY. He was applauded for the technical innovation of multi-layered soundtracks and for his pioneering use of the zoom lens. While his subjects and themes were diverse, he often cast an irreverent eye on the institutions, mores and foibles of American life, matching that with an encompassing, unsentimental humanism.

Altman received five Academy Award® nominations for Best Director (GOSFORD PARK, SHORT CUTS, THE PLAYER, M*A*S*H*, and NASHVILLE), and three for Best Film (GOSFORD PARK, M*A*S*H*, and NASHVILLE).

Altman’s numerous awards include: at Cannes, the Palme d’Or/Best Film (M*A*S*H*), and Best Director (THE PLAYER); the New York Film Critics Circle, Best Film (THE PLAYER, NASHVILLE) and Best Director (GOSFORD PARK, THE PLAYER, NASHVILLE); the Venice Film Festival Grand Prix, Best Film (SHORT CUTS); the British Academy Award (BAFTA) for Best British Film (GOSFORD PARK), Best Director (THE PLAYER) and Best Foreign Television Series (“Tanner 88”); opening night of the New York Film Festival (SHORT CUTS, A WEDDING); and an Emmy for Best Director (“Tanner ’88”).

Career honors have been bestowed by, among others, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Venice Film Festival, the American Film Institute, the Directors Guild of America, the Society of American Cinema Editors, the Cinema Audio Society, the American Society of Cinematographers and the Independent Feature Project.

* * *

“I was friends with Bob for 20 years before we worked together on GOSFORD PARK. It was then that I experienced the real magic of Robert Altman. When he was working he had a youthful joyfulness that was just amazing.” – Bob Balaban

“I have always admired Robert Altman's films and it was an honor to work with him on A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION. We had so much fun working on that project over the past year and I know that he went out ‘with his boots on’.” – Bob Berney, President of Picturehouse

“He was a great man of the cinema and a great man. Everybody who had the privilege to know him will miss him hugely.” - Kenneth Branagh

“There’s no one I’m prouder to have worked with. He was an ecstatic…a magician…a conjurer…a mischievous boy. Perhaps unprecedented. He understood and could express that uniquely American shapeshifting goofiness more than anyone. He was the deepest ocean and the lightest feather at the same time…we all loved him so very much.” - Richard Gere

“Mr. Altman loved making movies. He loved the chaos of shooting and the sociability of the crew and actors --- he adored actors --- and he loved the editing room and he especially loved sitting in a screening room and watching the thing over and over with other people. He didn’t care for the money end of things, he didn’t mind doing publicity, but when he was working he was in heaven.

He and I once talked about making a movie about a man coming back to Lake Wobegon to bury his father, and Mr. Altman said, “The death of an old man is not a tragedy.” I used that line in the movie we wound up making --- the Angel of Death says it to the Lunch Lady, comforting her on the death of her lover Chuck Akers in his dressing room, “The death of an old man is not a tragedy.” Mr. Altman’s death seems so honorable and righteous --- to go in full-flight, doing what you love --- like his comrades in the Army Air Force in WWII who got shot out of the sky and simply vanished into blue air --- and all of us who worked with him had the great privilege of seeing an 81-year-old guy doing what he loved to do. I’m sorry that our movie turned out to be his last, but I do know that he loved making it. It’s a great thing to be 81 and in love.” – Garrison Keillor

“It was inspiring to know that Robert was in preproduction on his next film. Working with him was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am blessed to have worked with him and to have known him as Bob. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Kathryn and his children.” – Virginia Madsen

"A great man has left this stage. If Bob had his way I'm sure he would want the speeches about him to be short and to the point. In my too brief time with him, his life seemed to be concerned with two things, telling it like it is and having fun. Every one of us has a lot of living to do if we are to follow his example. My thoughts and prayers are with Kathryn and his family, the immediate family and the gloriously extended one. I guess I'll see him in the next reel as he used to say." – John C. Reilly

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of Robert Altman, a great friend and inspiration to me since I had the honor of meeting him in 1990. His unique vision and maverick sensibilities in filmmaking have inspired countless directors of my generation and will continue to inspire future filmmakers. He leaves behind a legacy of great American films and he will be deeply missed." – Tim Robbins

“Bob's restless spirit has moved on -- I have to say, when I spoke with him last week, he seemed impatient for the future. He still had the generous, optimistic appetite for the next thing, and we planned the next film laughing in anticipation of the laughs we'd have. What a gent, what a guy, what a great heart. There's no one like him and we'll miss him so.” – Meryl Streep


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lost Star for X Men role?

Josh Holloway, one of the favourites with the ladies, was set to star in X Men: The Last Stand as favourite Gambit. This never happened because of TV commitments. Probably meaning he was due to run around not knowing what the hell was going on, aimlessly, in the jungle for a while longer *cough*Lost*cough. The next movie however, will feature the blondie southern drawling owen wilson lookalike as, yep, Gambit.

It'll come as no surprise I'm sure, that Gambit is a bit of a ladies mutant. He's the dark brooding type, with a big thing for Rogue. Another love itnerest for her?

Few of the XMen Trust Gambit when he first arrived, mainly because he was formerly a professional thief. But after time, they figure out that his use of the Bo Staff, his ability to make playing cards explode, and his breaking and entering skills could be used to their advantage.
I have no idea as of yet how much or little they will reinterpret the character to fit in the with melee of misfit mutants we currently have in the next movie, but no doubt, the fans will welcome the introduction of such a well liked character in the series.

Incidentally, next time round, no wolverine, and no Magneto (each have prior engagements making their respective on screen hero/villain flicks, imaginately titled Wolverine and Magneto)

Agent 86 and Agent 99 to hit the big screen

Its been announced for ages, nearly a year now, but its all been quiet on the Get Smart front for a while now. For those that aren't familiar with the series, which starred Don Adams and Barbara Feldon you need look no further than Inspector Gadget, which was a cartoon inspired by the tv show. If you don't know that either, get out.

The TV show was one of my favourites. I used to watch it avidly on one of its re-runs (I'm only a pup and therefore not old enough to say I saw it first time round). I especially loved the chemistry between the two main characters 86 and 99 (not to mention the bit in the opening titles where the door slammed on his nose! Class!).

Looks like we got a starter for the big screen adaptation. The guys over at Cinematical got the news first by the looks of things, but Peter Segal is set to start filming in March next year for a 2008 release. As they quite rightly pointed out, without Mel Brooks and Buck Henry penning the film, we canonly hope we don't get a revisit of the Inspector Gadget movie... oh dear God...

Steve Carrel will PLay Maxwell Smart, and it looks likely that Anne Hathaway will be teaming up with him as Agent 99. Funny, Carrel also appeared in another remake of a hit 60's comedy show recently... any guesses "Witch" one?

Story via Cinematical

Robert Altman RIP

Robert Altman, acclaimed man behind M*A*S*H in 70, and Oscar nominee 5 times most recently for Gossford Park in 2001, died on monday night. He was 81 years old.

"No director ever got more best-director nominations without winning a regular Oscar, though four other men — Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Clarence Brown and King Vidor — tied with Altman at five."

Those are some names to be tied with, respect of the utmost regard.


Who'd Play Bilbo??

You'd think that it would be tough to find a Bilbo if Ian Holm was considered a bit too over the hill (no offense intended) but the look of Bilbo for The Hobbit surely can't be achieved by anyone else??

According to Brendon over at Film Ick, it would seem that indeed Ian Holm is currently in negotiations to redeem his contract as the spritely little Hobbit, along with Ian McKellen. Rumours though, just rumours... so far!

There's just noone else that could possibly play Gandalf in my opinion, such was McKellen's amazing performance in the LOTR trilogy. Guess we'll have to keep a keen eye on the story over at Film Ick as it unfolds!

More Hobbit Mischief!

Looks like variety have a slightly different take on the current happenings regarding The Hobbit movie. As I mentioned earlier this week - New line, and Jackson are mid battle in an auditing lawsuit over finance for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. THis time, there's another angle that seems relatively promising. The piece is entitled Who's the Boss of the Hobbit? and what it seems to outline, is that although New Line do own the rights to the movie, MGM in fact own the distribution rights, and it looks as though MGM are in Jackson's corner. Thats some coach to have on your side. One key comment was made which instantly turned my head:

"An MGM spokesman said that "the matter of Peter Jackson directing 'The Hobbit' films is far from closed."


In brief, it would seem that New Line execs are keen to do the movie ASAP as their rights expire relatively soon, but Jackson won't touch it until the lawsuit over the auditing on LOTR is resolved, so New Line wanted to give the movie to Jackson only as part of a reconciliation deal over the lawsuit, Jackson firmly believes that the two things should be kept seperate, and the result - Deadlock. Jackson has officially stated that the possibility of him doing the Hobbit were over, but now that MGM have weighed in as Jackson's big brother, perhaps some of their distribution weight can shift New Line execs enough in their seats to think twice about going with another director. Lets hope so!

Apparently there have been one or two names floating around about who else might do it, one of which being Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who's stunning career so far offers a touch of hope should Jackson not get the gig, with movies such as Amelie and Delicatessen under his belt. But nonetheless, all of us in geekdom remain hopefull that the Jackson/New Line dispute will be resolved, and we can all live happily ever after!

Fingers x'd

Sushi Western from Takashi Miike

Filming began this week in Japan on what is destined to be an absolute shrine to innovation in film. Hailing from the Spaghetti western, Takashi Miike has embarked on his new idea of bringing the old style western into the 21st century with his "Sushi Western" entitled - Sukiyaki Western Django. The acclaimed director has also managed to talk his good friend Quentin Tarantino into appearing in the flick, after making a guest appearance himself in the Tarantino produced "Hostel".

"To make a western like this has long been a dream for Miike," said producer Masao Osaki. "His father was a huge fan of spaghetti westerns and he always wanted to make his own, so now it is his turn. "And we think it will appeal to all filmgoers," he said. "The older generations will want to see it because of the spaghetti western connection and younger people will be attracted by the great cast."

Tarantino is due to fly out to japan later this month to shoot his scenes, and although nothing has been revealed as to what character he might play, producers are referring to him as "Mystery Man"

Miike is most definately one of the most prolific asian actors of our age, with such complex and compelling movies as Audition and the alarmingly surreal Ichi the Killer (pictured above) under his belt, we can rest assured this one will be a treat and a half!

Hollywood Reporter had the news