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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Hitcher

Remake after remake... It is growing a little dull, or at least had been until I stumbled across this. In 1986, we loved to hate Rutger Hauer on screen as the psychopathic Hitcher. He was the epitome of pure evil, and pulled it off like noone else could! In fact, Hauer was always a pretty stable bet for psychopathic roles, Bladerunner being one of the finest, even though he was actually an android in that, it still counts!

So, they're remaking The Hitcher, a classic. But take a guess at who'll be filling Hauer's boots? I'll give you a clue... Its sean Bean. Oops, more of a give away there, my bad. Bean looks a little like Hauer, but is that as far as it will go? I do rate him as an actor, and therefore I'm pretty confident he'g gonna do the role justice.

Check out the trailer HERE

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