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Monday, November 27, 2006

Damon talks Oceans 13

Oceans 12 was crap. I think that's pretty unanymous amongst fans of the first movie. Even Matt Damon in an interview with Empire said as much. However, Damon assures us that the third in the the franchise won't be. "The only reason we want to do it is to make a movie that's better than the first two."
Ok, well, here's hoping Matt... Whilst there#'s little being given away about the plot anywhere, Damon says: "It's kinda like a revenge thing. Someone does something to one of us and we want revenge. And that someone is Al Pacino. We have to take him down". No doubt. The only person from the original cast not appearing in Oceans 13 will be Julia Roberts.
Whilst on this subject, Brendon over at Film Ick had an interesting scoop from what he describes as a reliable source -

"Take this sentence as a spoiler warning because I'm about the spill the beans. The unlucky thirteenth is none other than Terry Benedict, Andy Garcia's character. Nice reversal, eh? ...the gang are taking revenge in the name of Tess. Remember, not only is she Danny's wife, she was Terry's lover too."


Oceans 13 opens in June 07.

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