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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cut Chemist track Features in Nano Ad

Cut Chemist has been around for a long time. Always in the background though, and in the "shadow" mostly of DJ Shadow (pardon the pun). But this shouldn't be the case and really, he deserves a lot more credit that he's been endowed with. Recently, Cut Chemist released his first ever solo album. The Debut album entitled "The Audience is Listening" really is a remarkable piece that sets Cut Chemist apart from many other DJ artists that stole the stage up until its release.

Seeing the release of the album and its initial success seems to have caused quite a stir as Apple's new iPod Nano advert has the title track from the album featured in its cinema advert for the portable music player. Its a very nice ad I must say, and perfectly complimented with an excellent piece of music.

Something to note though is that the track WAS NOT written specifically for the iPod ad and was licensed for use.

Check out the video HERE

And then go buy the album HERE

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