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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bruce Lee is to be reborn as a CG actor?

Its amazing what they can do these days with computer graphics and animation... but just because I can eat marmite, doesn't mean I think its right...

They did it with Oliver Reid in Gladiator, and with much success, but to do it with Bruce Lee... I... I just can't quite stomach the idea.

Latino review ran a story about a film which will star Bruce Lee, but not as we know him. Completely CG... Oh dear lord...

Rob Cohen, who directed Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and The Fast and The Furious and xXx - State of the Union, will bring Lee back to life as a digital actor. *Gulp* He's quoted saying:

The big headline is that I am NOT using clips from the film; I am creating an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technlogy. Digital Domain who did "XXX" and "Stealth" with me are on it big time. We are in the vfx development stage.

This will be the first digital actor and I am very excited about the challenge.

Well, Speak for yourself Rob... and what about Jar Jar? Whether we should or not is questionable, but surely we all remember him?

He goes on to say:

We do have the rights to Bruce's films but the lines are all I am going to use. The Lee Family is also involved with me and Dreamworks.

I am doing this to further honor Bruce. It was one thing to make "Dragon" but this will be the Man himself, alive for those of us that didn't get enough and the new generations who should know what he was all about.

Dreamworks... *sigh*

I'm with Grady Hendrix on this one who summed it up quite nicely:

"The film is being made in conjunction with Dreamworks and with the participation of the Lee family, who apparently practice the martial art stance of "Ceaselessly Squeezing Cash from Father's Corpse" and it's called RAGE AND FURY."

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