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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Richard Donners Superman II available for Pre-Order!

Now then! In the 70's, Richard Donner was signed to do TWO superman movies. Superman, and Superman II. He was doing them both simultaneously. However, because of some Differences, and arguements, he never finished Superman II. And much to its detriment if you ask me (although this is just my own opinion!) Richard Lester came on board to finish Donner's Superman II, however he made some changes of his own, and in fact, the movie, according to Donner, turned out to be a completely different one to that which Donner was intending to make.
Well, now... after all these years of us thinking Superman II is a much lesser film than Superman, we finally get to see Donners original version.
This is where I'm a little confused... Warners is releasing, at the end of this month, an "approximation" of the version Donner had originally intedned. Hmm. Although I'm quite excited about this... I really wanna hear what Donner has to say about how close it actually is to his original. I suppose the chances of us being treated to some Donner interviews or perhaps even commentaries in the extras wouldn't be out of the question? whatever they spoon feed us, I'll be buying this. You can pre-order over HERE
You can also check out some exclusive clips of the version over HERE at IESB.

Either way, if you wanna read a review of this Donnerfied version, head over to AICN and check it out. Be warned though, it contains SPOILERS!

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Orbiting arounD said...

wont look at the spoilers think ill wait to watch it.. greetings from toyko!