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Friday, November 17, 2006


IN the 1980's, Kurt Russell was one of those actors that pretty much shone in almost everything he did. It seems now looking back, as though his career was booming in the 80's, but, to be fair, he didn't actually star in a ridiculously large amount of movies in the 80's. The one's he was in however, or at least the majority of them, were pretty big ones. You had the decade kick off with Escape From New York and with a reem of great and classic films to follow in the next ten years, such as Big Touble in Little China right through to Tango and Cash (granted, this was rubbish), I'm sure Kurty boy looks back on the decade as a defining period for him. Amongst those movies, was a film that is today still revered as a classic. John Carpenter's THE THING. A treasure of a movie, and some would agree, not one to be fucked with lightly.

The guys over at AICN had the news that Universal plan to remake THE THING, and although AICN seem extremely sceptical about the remake, I'm a little more enthusiastic given the crew involved with the remake at this early stage in the project.
Penned by Ronald D. Moore of recent Battlestar Galactica fame (he wrote and produced BG), Produced by Marc Abraham and Eric Newman of recent Dawn of the Dead remake (uh oh, remake monger alert)but hold the phone, it looks like there's at least one ray of hope, David Foster, Producer of Carpenter's original is on board. In what capacity is unclear, but at least one of the original helmers is present to make sure this doesn't go too far awry. We're gonna have to wait and see it would seem, but if they do it right, this could be a good movie. Apparently, producers of the remake have been quoted saying that they aren't intending on doing a shot for shot remake, instead more of a "sister" of the original. Scary stuff, but I'm still not too shaken. When I find out who gets cast as R.J. in the remake, then I'll start worrying unless they find a suitable candidate to fill Russells size 12's.

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