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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Whats the Skinny with Rush Hour 3

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, a dynamic duo of action and comedy. We;ve had Rush Hour, in which Lee (Chan) and Carter (Tucker) thwarted the bad guys who kidnapped Ambassador Han's daughter in America, Soo Young. In the second installment, we have Carter out of water whilst Lee feels at home in Hong Kong, the two working together again to foil a rich white man's plans to steal a "money Making Machine". Well, the two of them are back and filming the third installment of Rush Hour, imaginatively titled, Rush Hour 3.

This time, both our characters are on unfamiliar territory. While in Paris, Lee and Carter inadvertantly get mixed up with the Chinese Triad crew. all the ingredients we need for a great BDM (Big Dumb Movie). The movie is currently in production, and with Brett Ratner at the helm again, and no doubt Lalo Schiffrin at the piany, I'm sure we can very quickly skip over the following rumours and scoops that have been kicking around about the movie.

Jean-Claud Van Damme will not appear in the movie. He mentioned in an interview that he may be appearing, but it turns out that he was lying. When confronted about it, he laughed it off as a joke.
Controversially, Roman Polanski will appear int he movie. He has been cast as a French Policeman who harrasses Carter and Lee while they fight a gang of murderous triads. This is interesting as Polasnki the Thesp, hasn't featured in a Hollywood film since "Chinatown" in 1974.
Yoa Ming, the famous basketball player, had been targetted by Ratner to appear, however that one fell through. I can just imagine the homage to Bruce Lee's infamous fight scene with the Giant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Game of Death in '78 had Ming agreed to appear.
Vinnie Jones will appear in the movie too. *yawwwn*. However no character details have been released as of yet. Understandably, since pretty much all Jones can do is the same character with extrememly broken and "matter of fact" dialogue. He so bores me...

All that said, I'm really looking forward to seeing Tucker and Chan team up for another off the wall action adventure flick that I can switch my brain off to. Even if the movie is rubbish, which I doubt it will be... the cradits at the end with the outtakes are always a hilarious thing!

Rush Hour 3 is released in August 2007.

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