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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Uwe, Uwe, Oh Uwe...

Uwe Boll's "Postal" is set to arrive in 2007. I can't describe what little hope I have for any kind of redemtion from the man who brought us such cinema atrocities as Blood Rayne, Alone in the Dark, and House of the Dead. They guy should never be allowed on a movie set again, despite the fact that he can beat up his critics in the ring. (Step up Uwe, anytime, anywhere...)

Anyway, I'm gonna get through this as quickly as I can.

There's a first clip up on the iofficial site, which features Osama Bin Laden. Have a look if you care to, but its really nothing more than a demonstration that Boll's latest will be as formless and horrifically insulting as any other "movie" he's produced/directed.

Anyone got a colt .45 I could borrow? For the greater good...

check it out HERE

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hahahaha. I'm still hopeful; I don't know why!