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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Warriors remake

Its all I seem to be writing about tonight... which is sad in a number of ways really. Perhaps moreso because its friday night and I'm here, doing this, and not out getting smashed! However, important news is afoot this time. The Warriors, an absolute classic from 1979 which was directed by Walter Hill, who later went on to produce AvP, is about to get a remake. Interestingly enough, not only was The Warriors a hit computergame recentlky, but the multimedia status of The Warriors is shared with AvP, with it being a rather successful game in its time too.
Anyway, the remake, although frightening at the sound of it actually happening for all the usual reasons, will be directed by Tony Scott. I'm a big fan, although I haven't seen De Ja Vu yet, but I like the Washington/Scott combination from Man on Fire. Tony Scot has stated, as most do these days, that he doesn't intend to make a shot for shot remake, and in fact plans to move the location of the movie out of New York and set it in LA instead. He also doesn't want just a few gang members this time, as in the original, no... this time, he wants thousands.

I'll hold the bag for this one as I suspect its going to turn out to be barely recognizable as a remake of the 1979 work, instead, I have a feeling that in Scott's hands, it'll turn out to be a completely different movie entirely.

Jury's out, so I'm puttin me feet up on this one.

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